Cheese Celebration Towers

Cheese on Slate

Nibbles Wheel Tower

Cheese Celebration Towers

Are you saying “I Do” or having a special Birthday?
Let us create your own special Cheese Celebration Tower.

Pricing from $180

Cheese On Slate

Our Cheese on Slate are one large wheel with a selection of matching condiments and biscuits.
Whether it be cheddar, blue or brie you will have one big wheel of love.

Pricing from $95

Nibbles Wheel Tower

For the special date night or a friendly gathering with friends.

For 2-4 mice – $
For 6-12 mice -

Souris Royale

Tihi Bro

Thank Cheese n Crust Its Friday

Souris Royal Tower

Pure indulgence for a special celebration
This one is for the ladies

For 8-12 mice $

Tihi Bro Tower

Whether it be the Rugby, Cricket or favourite sport
This one is for the boys

For 8-12 mice $

Thank Cheese & Crust It’s Friday Tower

Not just for Fridays, this one is for the serious cheese lover
Be an entertainer or make it your corporate meeting tower
This one is sure to impress

For 20-40 mice - $